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Platform Prototype Keeper

Qonsius Publicada hace 3 semanas

Datos Generales

ContratoPrácticas o becario
JornadaMedia Jornada
Salario500€ Bruto/anual
Localización (Madrid)

Descripción de la Oferta

We are a company that develops and invests in ventures studios. Our purpose is to create a new blend of positive social, financial and environmental impacts by developing a new theory and practice of entrepreneurship.
We believe the best learning happens when we try things in real life. This role is focused on building quick prototypes as part of a new type of business experimentation. Let’s learn together how to launch new ventures in a more harmonic and efficient manner!
• Build quick working prototypes that can be tested in real-business conditions (most of them can be covered within Excel/Google spreadsheets functionality)
• Gather, import and manage data throughout the process.
• Participate in team meetings including brainstorming, gathering feedback and generating potential solutions.


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