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People Keeper

Qonsius Publicada hace más de 6 meses

Datos Generales

ContratoPrácticas o becario
JornadaJornada Completa
SalarioDe 11.000€ a 13.000€ Bruto/anual
LocalizaciónLas Rozas (Madrid)
SectorRecursos Humanos

Descripción de la Oferta

Starting from the structure provided by the Platforms team (including generic and/or specific organizational designs plus the latest methodologies and tools on business relationships development), uses both digital infrastructure and strong social abilities on the phone and face-to-face to create and nurture business relationships with colleagues, supplier partners, customers, investors, community members and the wider world.
As a guiding scope, the relationship development covers four distinct stages;
Stage I / Finding sparks among individuals and organizations that should work together.
Stage II / Formalizing relationships into highly aligned agreements.
Stage III / Supporting participants in day-to-day work and long-term reflections towards realization. Stage IV / Collaborating with participants towards a mutually beneficial development.

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