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PhD-Jobs.NET Publicada hace 5 meses

Datos Generales

JornadaJornada Completa
Localización (Madrid)
SubsectorMedicina Especializada

Descripción de la Oferta

Do you want to practice ophthalmology near the sea and the mountains in the south east of France ? This opportunity is for you.
You will work in a medical center composed of consultation rooms, a waiting room, a room for technical facilities, a reception desk and a room for the orthoptist.
There will also be assistants who will help you during your job.
Turnover and Salary
The working time will be between 35 to 45 hours per week. (The maximum is 45 hours per week)
You will be helped in your job by secretary and assistants.
The average cost of an ophthalmology consultation is 43 euro. In fact, the price of basic consultation is 28 euro and the price of OCT is 71.82€.
You will be salary for the medical part and your brut revenue will be around 35% of the turnover.
Net Salary Simulation:
If you work 5 days/week, with 5 weeks of holiday and 8 others day-off, it means you will work around 227 days per year, and your salary will be approximately :
- For 50 patient/days : 128 113 € net/an
- For 40 patient/days : 102 491 € net/an
- For 35 patient/days : 89 679 € net/an
In France, when ophthalmologist are helped by assistant, they can do 50 consultations/patients a day...
Demands in ophthalmology :
Delays to get an appointment with ophthalmologist in Avignon is between 4 and 6 month to have an appointment. The demand is extremely high.
Assistance in your installation:
We will assist you in your new life and help you with housing,
the french doctor council registration to enable you to be in the best conditions to work. There is also a french ophtalmologue who will help and assist you
Who we are looking for :
We are looking for stable and sociable people, we offer a medical post but it is possible to have surgery part in private. We are looking for people willing to stay a long time.
If you want to leave, we will ask you to tell us 6 months before to enable us to find somebody to replace you.
Main Duties and Practices
The equipment in the medical center
3 Nidek OT 2200 units: with electric seats, large desks, electrical translation trays, controls on the shelf and 4-drawer furniture
3 s lit-lamps : Nidek SL 990 and Nidek SL990-Zoom + Video Moduleand Haag-Streit BQ 900
3 Refractors : Nidek RT1200 (2), Nidek RT5100 (1)
1 auto-refractometer: Nidek Tonoref RKT 7700,
Air tonometer
Mobile Auto-refractor: Luneau Retinomax Kplus3
Optical biometer: Zeiss IOLMaster
Contactbiometer: Alcon
O C T : Zeiss Stratus
Champvisuel : Zeiss Humphrey
Computer and computer network: Ophthalmology consultation software on
4 networked workstations
Room for minor surgery and intraocular injections
3 frontocometers: 2 frontocometer + 1 automatic frontocometer
Surgical equipment: cases for instruments for cataracts, glaucoma,
strabismus, eyelid surgery

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