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Labs Keeper

Qonsius Publicada hace 1 mes

Datos Generales

ContratoPrácticas o becario
JornadaMedia Jornada
Salario500€ Bruto/anual
Localización (Madrid)

Descripción de la Oferta

We are a new company that develops and invests in ventures studios. Our purpose is to create a new blend of positive social, financial and environmental impacts by developing a new theory and practice of entrepreneurship.
Advance our understanding of the entrepreneurial system by producing standardized
synthesizes of research in relevant fields, and engaging global experts and leading
practitioners, including our own studios and ventures.
Provided a system of organized domains defined by the Architect, the labs keeper will have to run explorations to reach fundamental understandings and prepare articulations/presentations in either text or visual forms.
This might be performed from the following directions:
a) Researching key literature.
b) Engaging global theoretical, methodological & technological experts (individual and institutional)
willing to contribute to our initiative.
c) Engaging commercial suppliers that might offer a “plug & play solution”


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