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Emergency Medicine Specialist

PhD-Jobs.NET Publicada hace 5 meses

Datos Generales

JornadaJornada Completa
Localización (Madrid)
SubsectorMedicina Especializada

Descripción de la Oferta

Emergency physicians provide medical treatment to patients requiring acute and life-saving care. He is a specialist in advanced life support, resuscitation, trauma care such as fractures and soft tissue injuries, and management of other life-threatening situations.
Emergency Medicine is a fascinating specialty offering the full breadth of clinical possibilities with the challenge of a time critical element. The variety and unpredictability, along with guaranteed adrenaline rush, combine to make Emergency Medicine undoubtedly the fastest growing specialty in the world.
We are looking for an experienced doctor, specialised in emergency medicine. The ideal candidate will be someone:
With a European Citizenship
With a European Medical Degree
With a European Specialty Degree
Willing to work in dynamical hospital environment,
with at least 3 years' experience in emergency medicine within the country that you reside,
Has Good level of English
Who preferable has notion (or better) of the French language
Is willing to move to France.
Contact us now for more information.
We provide professional recruitment solutions for Emergency Physicians, Gastroenterologists, Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, Oncologists and Family doctors.

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