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Curso Exin Green It

Tipo de FormaciónCurso Presencial
DuraciónExam Details
Number of questions:     40
Pass mark:    65% (26 out of 40)
Open book/notes:    No
Electronic equipment permitted:    No 
PrecioA Consultar


TopFormacion ha seleccionado de entre 582 Cursos Ciencias Ambientales ,este Curso para ti. El Curso EXIN GREEN IT es presencial en Madrid.  Este curso también se puede realizar en modalidad Online por Videoconferencia.


Green IT Foundation is an emerging vertical for 21st century IT professionals. Organisations seeking to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce their operational environmental footprint can use the Green IT exam program to enable staff to perform and cooperate better.
Green IT is defined as "The efficient application of intelligent, energy, eco-friendly technology and techniques throughout the organisation."

Green IT principles align with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and underpin efficiency initiatives for supply chain and business operations. Download the white paper with the SMART/GREEN ICT Framework in the right section of this website (under General).
EXIN also provides the Green IT Citizen exam for business users, which is a sustainable addition to all other EXIN exams.


Exam content
Exam specification     Weight(%)
1 Understanding Green IT     15%
1.1 Definition of Green IT
1.2 The Green ICT Framework
1.3 Drivers and motivators for Green IT
1.4 Relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Green IT    
2 Lifecycle management     25%
2.1 Acquisition of equipment, services, consumables
2.2 Operational use
2.3 End of life     
3 Optimizing the Infrastructure     20%
3.1 Demand Infrastructure
3.2 Supply Infrastructure     
4 IT as enabler     20%
4.1 Virtual collaboration and e-working
4.2 SMART business systems
4.3 SMART workplace     
5 Governance and processes for Green IT     20%
5.1 Environmental governance and Green IT policy
5.2 Green IT in relation to service management