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Foto de Tania Garcao Curiao

Tania Garcao Curiao

Investigación y Desarrollo
Madrid, España Es

Currículum Vítae de Tania Garcao Curiao especialista en Calidad experiencia en Investigación y Desarrollo. Dispones de mi experiencia laboral, mis estudios realizados y conocimientos adquiridos.

Carta de Presentación

I am an enthusiastic person with a thirst for learning and helping patient’s lives. My degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, followed by a PhD in Medical Microbiology and professional experience in biomedical research provided me with strong analytical and communication skills, and valuable medical knowledge in infectious diseases, which can be crucial to succeed in this position.
I have good command of drug development, pharmacology and clinical trials (ICH GCPs guidelines, design, patient recruitment and oversight). I have been involved in the management of a clinical trial in microbiology in cancer patients carried out in Ireland. I have led teams under the umbrella of the duties of work packages and liaised with key opinion leaders. Over years, I served as point of contact in identifying relevant and updated literature, training and supervising team members and also in sharing knowledge in Microbiology. I set up research agendas, committed to meet deliverables, took ownership of subprojects and implemented research methods.
I have supported the translation of research outcomes to both scientific and broad audiences, and was responsible for collating, interpreting, reviewing and presenting research outcomes from different projects, always committed with quality, demand and time keeping.
Through dealing professionally with highly qualified teams in the scientific and healthcare settings, I created strong interpersonal ability that led to cordial and credible relationships. Most of my work was developed in English, and I am proficient in English, written and verbal, and I am also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. I am used to and available to travel for work.
My participation in several R&D activities evidences my proactive and versatile attitude being able to champion topics. I am a results-oriented person, looking forward to keep at the forefront of advances in biomedical research, contributing to its dissemination among healthcare professionals. Therefore, please find attached my CV for your perusal. I would be very grateful if you would consider me for this position.
Yours sincerely,
Tânia Curião


Senior Scientist Prodigest
Oct 2017 - Mar 2018 (5 meses)

• revisión de bibliografía científica y análisis crítica de datos
• diseño y ejecución de experimentos y resolución de problemas
• diseño de ensayo clínico
• formación y supervisión de un equipo
• presentaciones orales eficaces

Clinical Researcher Cork Cancer Research Center
May 2017 - Sep 2017 (5 meses)

• gestión, supervisión y consentimientos informados en ensayo clínico
• referente para el desarrollo de test de diagnóstico
• lectura crítica y escritura de artículos científicos
• coaching de estudiantes

Research Officer Teagasc
Feb 2016 - Mar 2017 (1 año 1 mes)

• análisis estadístico de datos y escritura de artículos científicos
• extensa revisión bibliográfica
• formación y supervisión de un equipo
• presentaciones orales de datos científicos en conferencias

Postdoctoral Researcher Hospital Ramón Y Cajal
Ene 2014 - Sep 2015 (1 año 8 meses)

• ejecución de experimentos
• análisis crítica de datos. Lectura y escritura de artículos
• presentaciones orales de datos científicos en conferencias

Predoctoral Researcher Hospital Ramón Y Cajal-Servicio Microbiología
Oct 2009 - Ene 2014 (4 años 4 meses)

• ejecución de experimentos y recogida de datos
• revisión de bases de datos y análisis crítica de datos
• lectura y escritura de artículos
• presentaciones orales de datos científicos en conferencias de ámbito clínico

Títulos Oficiales

Microbiología Universidad Complutense De Madrid

Medical Science Liaison Universidad Barcelona
Oct 2018 - Jun 2019 (8 meses)

Desarrollo de habilidades de comunicación y de habilidades técnicas en relación al departamento médico y su interacción con los interlocutores del sistema nacional de salud.


Hablado y Escrito
Nivel Nativo
Nivel Nativo


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