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Àngels Justes

Organización y Administración
Barcelona, España Es

Currículum Vítae de Àngels Justes especialista en Administración experiencia en Organización y Administración. Dispones de mi experiencia laboral, mis estudios realizados y conocimientos adquiridos.

Carta de Presentación

To who may concern,

First of all, thank you to consider my candidacy in the selection process.

I am really interested in this position as I find this a really interesting project.
About the position itself I have wide experience in all requirements and it’s the kind of job I really enjoy and was looking for. Everybody needs a job but not everybody end up finding the job where you perfectly fit.
Challenges like starting a new office I think create a special relation between the company and the people involved on it. It is not the same as starting working for an already running company.

I am an organised and self-commanded person that can take decisions if need.
I will contribute with all my background experience acquired setting up both temporary and permanent spaces in countries like Dubai, South Africa, Chile and Argentina and coaching and mentoring the Office Managers there. I am aware of all organizational and maintenance needs of an office. Starting from a single pen purchase until the administrative reporting to managers/Headquarters including budgeting, headcounts, etc…
I was also in charge for the new hires in the offices mentioned above, welcoming them and providing all they need to start working in the company.
I was also the first contact person meeting the local accounting companies and explaining them the company’s philosophy making sure they understand all company needs to be able to create a working flow with them. This included goods Importation documentation, work permits, book keeping and any legal issue we could have.

I was based in Barcelona and I had to travel to those countries quite often so I am really familiar in how to coordinate and book international travels schedules (Visas, flights, hotels, etc…) and setting up company internal meetings with international attendees, moving big groups of people with different nationalities each of them with their particular needs and specific documentation.

Thank so much to take me in consideration, do not hesitate to contact me with any question you may have.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
Yours Faithfully,

Àngels Justes

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Secretariado De Alta Dirección Internacional Insa


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